Released by © Raspall Records

Elisabet Raspall composition, piano, direction, production and voice
Liliana Bertolini flute
Caito Marcondes percussion
Rogério Botter Maio bass


Catalan! Arts website
“A pianist of rare elegance with a perfectly controlled touch, throughout her career Elisabet has also emphasized her composer side – and she does not disappoint in that either. Her new project, bringing in the gentle voice of Liliana Bertolini’s flute, carries us away to a peaceful backwater full of beautiful, soothing sounds, with just the right touch of lyricism.”

Butlletí de l’Associació de Músics de Jazz i Música Moderna
by Georgina Castillo

“The album includes eight original compositions that configure, starting with silky and magic melodies and suggestive percussion, a kind of soundtrack for a dreamworld, a fairytale.”

Lua Català, singer and composer

“This music is aerial, volatile, elflike, spiritual, luminous, subtle, elegant, without being excessive, essential, cheerful, melodies that say things, and rich harmonies. Elisabet’s voice, which serves as another instrument, has a nice velvety touch. ‘No sé ben bé’, name of one of the songs, is that state of uncertainty that should prevail, because in the end, what do we really know for sure? It’s agnosticism, in religion as well as in science, the state of wisdom.”

La Vanguardia Newspaper by Mingus Formentor

“A jazz that is thoughtful and thought-provoking; beautiful, crystalline, wet, melancholic, the jazz of Elisabet Raspall.”

Diari de Sabadell Newspaper by Carles Cascón

“Elisabet Raspall is a a jazz musician with her own ideas. She composes melodies that evoke her homeland. She assures us that music is much more than the art of combining sounds in keeping with the rules of melody, rhythm and harmony. Elisabet has her own philosophy, which is based in deep beliefs. She becomes just another piece at the service of a music that she composes with the delicacy of a metalsmith and draws freely on a wide range of sound sources that have nothing to do with swing. Music that is poetic, lyrical, with textures and melodies that come together while avoiding being predictable.”

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