Bossanova i la Geltrú


Released by Raspall Records & Nomada 57

Elisabet Raspall piano
Ana Rossi voice
Tom Warburton bass
Mariano Steimberg drums

Bossanova i la Geltrú

Cuadernos de Jazz Magazine, 2010 by Eduardo Hojman

“Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes and Iván Lins make up the bulk of the repertoire in this very pleasant project that, among other things, gives testimony to the incredible vitality of the jazz scene in Barcelona. Despite the charge of the Brazilian melodies, this is a solid jazz quartet anchored mainly in the warm and airy arrangements by the pianist Elisabet Raspall and in the sweet and memorable voice of Ana Rossi, much more expressive and suggestive in the deep notes, when she nears whispering and caressing, than in the higher notes. Raspall herself is the composer of four of the songs, with lyrics in Catalan and melodies that take the listener down memory lane in an almost imperceptible way, as well as being responsible for the impeccable rhythm section, anchored in the wide range of resources the drummer Mariano Steimberg has and in Warburton’s strength. If at first it sounds like the beginnings of a band aiming high, this is also one of those albums that you’ll want to listen to over and over.”

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